Xrangers Online

Yes we are still alive. Despite the inactivity here, XRangerOnline is still alive and well. Sorry for our inactivity. I was too busy helping Kimberly dry her hair. What, you don’t beleive me?
Well than be that way. Discuss this here. I have decided to make Tales From the Morphing Grid the new Site of the Month. Some of you may remember me discussing this site in a past newsbyte. Since we are in the middle of December I will probably keep it up till mid January.

As you may know the site is a new fan fic archive. They plan on working with others to bring back the fan fic awards. All the while building their own fic archive. Check it out. Discuss this here. Sorry that we were done for a few days. Our webhost was hacked. I was able to order a new account with the host.
Everything is back up now. Discuss this here. Ross was able to get Linear Ranger to encode a special promo for SPD (taking from a DT DVD). The promo takes the form of a skit invovling Kira and Ethan. It is actually really good and adds some back story to the show. Check it out. It may not be up for long. Scitek’s servor is hosting the promo for the fandom to download. Its a zipped windows media file. Discuss this here. I want to take a second to plug the message board. Power Rangers Online Message Board is a former powerhouse in this fandom. I am glad to be moderating it and have created this site and PROD for the board. Recently activity has picked up at the board. Feel free to jion in on the discussions. Visit the board and discuss this here. A Russian Power Rangers site (rightly named Power Rangers In Russia) has posted an interview with Johnny Young Bosch.

He is of course the actor who protrayed Adam in Power Ranger’s early days. Don’t work the interview is written in english. Check it out here. It is an interesting read. The site itself doesn’t look bad. Too bad I don’t know Russian. Discuss this here. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Power Rangers Central is back on its old domain. Ray was nice enough to give the domain to Micheal. Nice to see the site back on its old domain. Discuss this here.