The Power ranger Empire

In Case you haven’t, you should check out Power Ranger Empire. This forum is continuing to grow. If you haven’t heard about its worth taking a look. They have episode downloads, a picture gallery, a web portal, forums and more. Discuss this here. So I am going through PRO’s old member list and viewing old profiles to see who is still active in ezboard. mighty_morphin

And I stumble upon this board. The layout is maybe a little hard on the eyes but it looks like an ezboard that gets some traffic. I see some familar names from other boards in the fandom as well. Discuss this here. Staying on the staff issue from the last newsbyte. XRO itself could use some staff.

I am looking for an episode reviewer, columnists, a news columnist. If interested contact me and I will tell you more about it. Discuss this here. Other sites that tour looking for staffs include The Morphing Grid and Rangermania. Morphing Grid is of course run by Ross (Jzt451) and Rangermania is now being relaunched under the command of FF7799. FF7799 is a great webmaster, he just needs help with content. Ross also has a good thing going but could use some help. Discuss this here.