The Blue Ranger

So want to know why exactly my sites and affilates were all down for the last few days. It seems our webhost was hacked. Some people claimed the client was being brought out. This turned out to be false but all the servor info was lost.New-ranger-group

The good news is zoneserve is back , the bad news is that they are only offering dedicated servors. I wanted a resellter plan. So it was time for XRO and all the other sites hosted on PROD to move on. Sorry for any incovinence. This new host is really good though. XRO came back up a little after the affiliates due to the fact I waited to finish this latest update before I restored the site. Discuss this here. Another story that has been going around. Well one of the big stories that broke in our absence was the fact that the first five episodes of SPD episode summeries have been released. Check them out over at Rangerboard, Credit Batman192.

If you don’t want spiolers don’t read. Overall it doesn’t seem like a bad start. But its really imposible to tell until the show actually airs. Discuss this here. SPD will premiere on ABC Family on febuary 5. Credit Batman192 ( Morphing Grid copyed the news he originally posted at Rangerboard). On a related note, the spd prieview that appeared on the DT dvds will also air on January 30, as an extended version. Credit Ryan Johnson’s DinoThunder Information Archive. Its the preview where Kira and Ethan found the rock that connected to the Morphing Grid and had visions of SPD. Go here for screen caps of that, thanks to the lovely folks running PRC. Power Animals did the scree caps for the prieview. Discuss this here. I suppose I should explain why the link to the site of the month as been broken. Tales From the Morphign Grid went down. I offered to host them and give them there own account. I recently updated the broken link with the new one but even than the site wasn’t compeletly uploaded. The site of the month feature has been in dissary for December and January.

Lets just start fresh in febuary. I encourage you all to visit Tales From the Morphing Grid though. Once everything is uploaded it will be a nice archive. The webmaster has also added a behind the scences site. See for yourself. Discuss this here. No, you haven’t got rid of XRO and that lame joke that follows this newsbyte isn’t just a bad joke. We are still around. Recently we lost our web host so thats why we were completly down the last few days. Sorry for the inconvience. Although its not like we were actually updating the last few weeks. But above are some updates to curve your apitite. That is if you care. Discuss this here.