Thanks Ross!

Let me take a minute to thank Ross for putting up the poll you see on the bottom left side. I think it was a cool idea. Nobody actually knew the dutch words for casino games, hahah. The answer: casino spellen. Well newsflash!  Expect a new poll every month. Right now Zeo and Time Force are tied at 50 percent. But thats only based on two votes. Discuss this here.

The month of november is over but I think it is time for me to plug that months site of the month. The site is called Power Rangers Thunder Dome developed by the good people behind a popular Forex Trading website and an online gambling website 10bet which offers casino free spins. It is a very impressive site with witty Power Ranger Humor. The Deciember site of the month should be announced soon. Discuss this here. In case you didn’t here yet, Poweranimals as put up a rather interesting interview with Doug Sloan at Rangerboard. Doug like is a nice and intellgent individual. Check out the interview here. Discuss this here.
Another new site seems to be close to emerging. This website is a news and opinion site. The founder is Animarium RPG. His idea sound similar to XRO’s orginal concept. I hope he succeeds.

I think he has a real good idea. There is no actual url yet or anything but check out this poster’s idea. Discuss this here. It seems someone has stepped up to create a fan fic archive. It looks like they are off to a good start. Lets hope this upstart is the one that puts fic archives back on the map. The fic archive just opened so I suppose the next step is that people start submitting stories to them. Discuss this here. On a more important note, it seems there has been a bit of a scam running on Emma’s guitar auction. Its complicated but someone is trying to get people to buy the guitar when it has already been sold. Emma isn’t too happy with this scammer either. Check this out at Rangerboard. Credit this to PyschoRed. Discuss this here. While were on the topic of DinoThunder, I guess it is a good time to say this. As you know I used to post my thoughts on episodes here. Well I havn’t been doing it for a while and instead of wasting time catching up I have decied just to start fresh with SPD. If you dying to here all my comments on the eps just go to the episode guides at PROD or shift through old threads at PRO. You can also just ask me.

Discuss this here. Now that DinoThunder is over I suppose now would be a good time to give my thoughts on the season. I think DinoThunder was a very ambitious seasont hat at times was too ambitious for its own good. There was a lot of good subplots this year. Subplots that kept the view interested in what was going on. The villians were well done. There was a lot of good action. Last but not least we got to see the return of Tommy Oliver. I just think that some main plots were two rushed and certain things were just brushed under a rug. DT could have been even better than what it was. Maybe there was too many subplots and they should have just focused on a few of them instead of too many plots that they couldn’t follow through on tottally. And of course the second half of the season finalie left a lot to be desired. But for what we got DT was an amazing series. I don;t think it was the best ever but it was good. It just could have been better with a few changes. Discuss this here. Doug Sloan has said his goodbyes to Rangerboard. It is is a shame to see him leave the show and that message board. But he to be able to move on to bigger and better things. Here is hoping we haven’t seen the last of Doug Sloan. Here is his farwell thread. Discuss this here.