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Kimbery here. Even though there isn’t that much activity on this website, I still felt the urge to write a new article about a new forum. It’s called Power Ranger Now and I’ve just discovered it about a few weeks ago. Are you guys still active on the Power Ranger Empire forum? Larry, the admin of PRE hasn’t posted for ages, so I had to find a forum with refreshing information. However, I think that Morphing Grid is still relevant when it comes to posting images and videos. The Power Ranger Network seems to be one of the websites I still visit daily, but that’s just because of my friends.

Power Ranger Now is new and the layout of the forum really blew my mind. It looks so good and all of the information they providing is just great. I’ve met Susy (prsus8324) the other day and immediately we started talking about the actors and what they are up to lately. Did you guys know that Susy met Tommy Oliver once? Also the webmaster Tony is doing his job great, keeping track of all the posts and replying them right away. I really think it’s important that they are actively engaged the entire time, since there are a lot of fake accounts as well.

What’s also new on this website is the way they post articles. It’s so different from other forums, which is really refreshing for fans like us. They often post compilation videos and I really enjoy watching them. Not only episode compilations, but also funny footage of bloopers. The actors are just so funny to watch, you should really take a look! Looking at these videos really makes me happy and made me realise that the actors are just humans too. Johnny Young Bosch is still my favorite, despite the betrayal. I just can’t help it, he looks like a really nice guy and I would be so thrilled to meet him one day.

I have to say, PRanger X is very busy lately because of his work together with beste Jackpot gokkasten. Beste jackpot gokkasten and PRanger are starting a Power Ranger forum together, so maybe we can support him by sending him a message? PROD is almost finished with changing the servers, so it should be fixed by the end of the week. If you are looking for more episode summaries, you should really have to visit the Empire forum. Power Rangers Central is still going strong and is now offering an exclusive database and episode streams as well. Let’s just hope that PRanger X is back on Xrangeronline soon, so he can inform us about beste jackpot gokkasten and his forum development.

PR2u78 is now the webmaster of the PowerRangerInformation and will now take care of the admin and forum. Debby667 has taken a step back, since she moved to Finland. PowerRangerInformation will be launched soon, but first need some fixes and features. This will be the responsibility of PR2u78, since he also launched Rangermania. The layout of PowerRangerInformation will be changed. Discuss it here.