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Sidney here. The majority of the fandom considers Tommy to be the greatest Ranger and leader ever. That just is not true. Now as a Green Ranger he was great. But in his days as a White Ranger and beyond he completely stole the show. goseiger-2012-megaforce

His teammates fought Putties and the monster of the week by themselves while he spent the majority of the time fighting Goldar. It would usually take them around five minutes to do that and in that same time frame Goldar (proven relatively weak) is Tommy’s only opponent. He didn’t listen to his friends or his mentor at all when in the first Zord fight with Rito and four or five monsters all grown. Zordon & Alpha both told them they couldn’t win and his friends tried but Tommy had to play the ultimate hero. What did he accomplish? The worst thing he accomplished was overloading the Morphing Grid, which resulted in the loss of their powers all together, and the loss of the Zords.

The Rangers had to go after new powers because of the loss of their old ones at the hands of Tommy, this left Earth without any protectors. What would the people do if an attack occurred with no one there to stop it? If his voluntary helping evil had stopped at recklessly fighting and loosing powers it wouldn’t be so bad, but he has provided Mesogog with Tyrannodrones, a mind controlling monster, Biozords (original name given to the Tyranno, Ptera, & Tricera Zords when we first saw them). He also ran away from Mesogog the first time he saw the creature. The show to that point says he was still Zeo Ranger V Red, and thus he should have morphed and fought back, and since according to Zordon the Zeo Crystal gets nothing but stronger with age, he should have been able to hold his own.Tommy was also fired from being a Power Ranger because he was to “old.” A great Ranger and leader would never have been fired at all, he would have continued being a Ranger until he proved he couldn’t handle it anymore, decided to quit, killed in battle, but never fired. Discuss this here. PRangerX here. We have a new staff member at XRO. His name is Sidney Bristow (its a screen name of course). The above newsbyte is a short rant he has prepared. While his viewpoints don’t neccesarly reflect XRO or its staff I think it is an inciteful read. Discuss this here. PRangerX here. I never graded it like last months site of the month but I figure I might as well draw your attention to 1ranger.com.

It has been XRO’s site of the month for Septiember . It seems like a good site for news, episode informations , and more. Their episode summeries are very long and basically tell what happened scene by scene (even if they don;t have summeries for every episode). The webmaster seems very hardworking and should be applauded. I may go back and grade the site later. Expect October’s site of the month to be listed in the next few days. As well as a new PRO post of the week (finally).Discuss this here. PRangerX here. This may be late but I might as well post it anyway ( my thoughts on “Isn’t It lava-ly”). Well from what I heard before I screened the episode, I would have thought it was going to be a fluff piece. I was happily surprised to see that it was much more than that. It did a good job of continuing story archs to the piont that not too much happened but enough happened. This kept things interesting with the filler plot , the video game contest. I have to say this was one of episodes of DinoThunder has done a good job in terms of messing all the different subplots together. The Ethan plot was funny and taught a good lesson to the kids. I also thought the Cassidy being a mess without Devin plot was funny. I must say having Zeltrax as a free agent really shames me for thinking they underused the character before. One thing that bugs me is that every time Mesagog and company use a human for DNA they always choose someone goofy or off the wall. But it is a kids show so I am sure they put that part in to make the kids laugh. Nice to see Bruce Kalish got an episode to write before his tenure as Executive Producer on SPD. I think people made too big a deal about the Stegazord thing. So what if the White Ranger is supposed to have control of the zord and the others used it instead. Its not like stuff like this hasn’t happened in Power Rangers. Anyone who blames Kalish for this doesn’t know anything about television writing or how these episodes our made. It involves more than one person. DinoThunder seems like it will finish strong. Discuss this here. PRanger X here. Christopher Hayman Lee has apeared on that 70’s show a few days back. Nice to see our former Red Space Ranger doing good for himself in his post Power Rangers carreer. Its always funny seeing Ranger actors in different roles. But actors have to move on to bigger and better things like we all do. Sloppy frog posted this at Rangerboard. Discuss this here. PRangerX here.

Windgirl at Rangerboard has scored an interview with Richard Epcar (a long time adr contributer to Power Rangers and many other shows). But don’t let me tell you how and why just read Windgirl’s interview at rangerboard.Discuss this here. PRangerX here. Well it appears yet another birthday is upon us. Ann Marie Crouch has recently celebrated her birthday. Let us wish her a happy birthday . She seems like a nice person and has taken the time to interact with the fandom in the past. This news comes from Ranger board (from SPDekaranger). Discuss this here. PRangerX here. More casting news is afront as Matt Austin has aparently been revealed to be the actor protraying the new Green Ranger. Monica May has been revealed as the actress protraying Elizabeth, the new yellow ranger. Which is wierd because Bridge was supposed to be the yellow ranger. Now it seems the Bridge character will be the pink ranger. SirStack as reported the yellow ranger rumor at rangerboard. More on the Green Ranger rumor and who reported it later. Discuss this here. PRangerX here. Poweranimals has posted the following link at Rangerboard. It seems John Tai has been cast to play Doggie Krugar (the mentor of the SPD Rangers). Scroll down to see this newsbyte or go here to read PM’s post about it. On a side note it is Poweranimal’s Birthday so go here to wish him a good one. Discuss this here. PRangerX here. Rangerboard has had some interesting visits. Emma Lahana and Ron Wasserman. Have both recently visited. Emma of course protrays Kira Ford on DinoThunder. Ron is a member of the mighty raw ( the band that did a lot of the old mmpr music and our currently working on the new SPD theme). The two are not strangers to the board and I think it nice that they find the time to post from time to time. Discuss this here. PRangerX here. DrewKim1 at rangerboard reports that Alison MacInnis (the actress who played Dana Mitchill in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue will appear in the new UPN show Veronica Mars tommarrow. The show airs at 9 pm on UPN. The poster got their information from Power Rangers TV Tome. Discuss this here PRangerX here. Power Rangers Retrocenter had upgraded its layouts. Its a goods site I recomend you all try it out. Snoops Warner has a good idea. I only wish his archive of Power Rangers Online Archives was able to stay up. But there is nothing you can do when the webmaster prefers to keep his work untouched. Which of course is his right. I wouild especally loved to piont out the Viewing Globe section. He is allowing web masters to use the pics there as long as they give credit and possible a link to retrocenter. Discuss this here. PRangerX here. Power Rangers Central has been updated. In a wierd ironey the one time pretend owner of PRC (Poweranimals) has had a big hand in updating the newly restored PRC. For those who don;t know when Ray operated PRC he pretended PowerAnimals bought it in the latter days on the rangercentral.com ( just so people wouldn’t bug him about updates). Hench the ironey. I say Power Animals has done a great job, SnoopsWarner has contributed some screen captures. All in all I think Dekamaster has something here. Restarting PRC on the rangercentral.org domain seems to be working out great. Visit the new PRC forum, Rangertalk.com. Discuss this here. PRangerX here. Thunder Storm ( the DinoThunder/Ninja Storm team up is airing on ABC Family and Toon Disney next week. An interesting press release was recently made.. Also let me link you to a a cool observation Chris Funaro has made. ( Webmaster of funaroverse and long time contributer to the fandom) has made. Go to Lisa J’s site to download the promo for the team up. As for the last two dt episodes, I havn;t commented on them yet because I havn’t seen them. When I do I will give my comments and update the episode guide over at prod ( included one before the two that I saw but didn’t finish the summery for). Discuss this here PRangerX here. Our servor move seems to be complete. PROD may have some bugs I have to fix however. Nothing too serious. Sorry XRO went down it was just part of the procedure of moving XRO to PROD web account. Discuss this here.

PRangerX here. If some of our links don’t work bear with us. PROD is changing servers and is offline right now. We should have this problem fixed very soon. Thanks. Discuss this here. PRangerX here. Austin ST John, better Known to us as the actor who played Jason Scott (Orginal Red Ranger) recently celebrated his brithday. I know this is a bit belated but here is the thread about it at rangerboard. Discuss this here.