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PRangerX here. Well I haven’t been posting my thoughts on episodes for a while so its time to catch up. Strange Relations was just a great episode. The kind of episode that makes you feel good to be Power Rangers fan. I loved the reference to the morphing gird. Some people think the gird was destroyed when the Rangers lost their dinosaur powers in season 2 of MMPR.Super_samurai-1-

But maybe that was just a fraction of the grid. Maybe all the Rangers from all time taped into the grid with their powers. Either that or Elsa wasn’t refering to the same morphing grid we all know and love. I tend to think the latter though. I liked how this episode kind of made you feel sorry for the White Ranger Clone .

I mean their was almsot a piont when I thought he was going to turn good. At first I thought Trent’s finshing move on the clone was a little too quick, but I think that was the effect the production crew was going for. In some ways I wish the White Ranger was used more but I think there is too much going on to really warrent that. He served his purpous.
Too bad they writer’s never explained why he still had Trent’s zords. Maybe they would have been better off having the evil from Trent become personifed literally (after he turned good) than having Trent cloned. Don’t get me wrong the clone plot was very interesting way of dealing with the AbaKiller footage.

Seeing all the Rangers morph at the same time like they did was just amazing and one of my favorite parts of the episode. I love the new zord combination, very much reminds me of a ultra zord. Seeing all of the Rangers in the cocklpit was just old school Power Rangers. Kiras’ joke in the cockpit was pretty funny. I like how we got to see more Trent/Mercer interaction. Thing are going to come to a head soon. This episode diffintly contained Dinothunder’s strong pionts. I have no doubt we are in for a treat with the final episode of DinoThunder. Discuss this here. PRangerX here. Tommy Lawson (Batman192) has has found an interesting article on New Zeland extra The article is from a new Zealand newspaper. It doesn’t reveal too much but it is a nice short read. Discuss this here. PRangerX here. I want to draw your attention to October’s Site of the Month.

This month’s site is Chaos Guide to Power Rangers. It is a very informative site full of episode transcripts, Power Rangrrs history, links and much more. MiChaos had done a wonderful job. I fully recommend this site. I won’t be reviewing sites of the months like I did for Nak’s Power Rangers. I would rather just piont this sites out and let you guys be the judge. Discuss this here. PRangerX here. For those who don’;t know Micheal Copon ( formaly Lucas on Time Force) has jioned the cast of the WB show One Tree Hill. Credit goes to NeoZeoRedRanger at Rangerboard for this ( although he was not the first to report the news). Here is the thread. Discuss this here. PRangerX here. It seems our own resident staff member (Ninja Jack) has recently celebrated his birthday.We here at XRO would like to wish him a very happy birthday. Discuss this here. PRangerX here. It seems RedAndrosSpaceRanger is conducting an interview with Ann Marie Crouch. Go to his thread at Rangerboard to submit possible questions. As for my own interview with the actress ( I had one lined up months ago), I am still waiting for Crouch’s reponse. She is a very busy woman so I compelety understand her not being able to get back to me right away. Last I heard from her she apoligized for not geting back to me and said she would try to answer at least some of my questions soon. Again its completely understandable since she has been so busy. I wish RedAndrosSpaceRanger the best. Discuss this here. PRangerX here. Amy Jo Johnson has just celebrated her birthday. We would like to wish the former Pink Ranger a happy birthday. It hard to believe its been nine years or so since she has been on the show. Time flies when your having fun I guess. The fact the actress that protrayed our beloved Kimberly is 34 amazes me. Here hoping for her continued success. SPDFireX should be credited for this info. Here is is his thread on the subject at rangerboard. Discuss this here.