Thanks Ross!

Let me take a minute to thank Ross for putting up the poll you see on the bottom left side. I think it was a cool idea. Nobody actually knew the dutch words for casino games, hahah. The answer: casino spellen. Well newsflash!  Expect a new poll every month. Right now Zeo and Time Force are […]

P Ranger X

PRangerX here. Well I haven’t been posting my thoughts on episodes for a while so its time to catch up. Strange Relations was just a great episode. The kind of episode that makes you feel good to be Power Rangers fan. I loved the reference to the morphing gird. Some people think the gird was […]

The Network

In Case you haven’t, you should check out Power Ranger Empire. This forum is continuing to grow. If you haven’t heard about its worth taking a look. They have episode downloads, a picture gallery, a web portal, forums and more. Discuss this here. So I am going through PRO’s old member list and viewing old […]